Top Recommended DAI Casinos

The CryptoSpinners team has searched far and wide to bring you the very best Dai crypto casinos. We thoroughly check everything so you don’t have to. These are our current top picks.

Compare the Best DAI Casinos

The crypto space is evolving very rapidly, with more casinos accepting new cryptocurrencies every day. This can make comparing casinos difficult and time-consuming. But, no worries, the CryptoCasino team is here to make life easier. Our thorough, unbiased reviews of DAI casinos cover everything from bonuses and games, to support and security.

Grab a Great DAI Casino Bonus

Did you know that, because crypto casino operators can reduce their costs, they can often afford to offer more generous bonuses? Yep, all those transaction fee savings really add up, and DAI casinos bonuses can be some of the best around. Here are the types of bonuses to expect:

DAI Casino Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are the most common of all – they often form part of welcome packages and other, multi-part bonuses. They give you a set amount of free spins to enjoy on a specific game or selection of games. They’re a great way to get more chances to win, but just keep in mind, that most have wagering requirements attached. 

DAI Casino No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are the most sought-after of all. Why? Because they literally let you play without spending anything. Of course, this means they tend to be of low value, but not always. Again, they normally have wagering requirements attached.

DAI Casino Promo Codes

Alternatively, you can enter a promo code during registration to help you grab an exclusive offer. Promo codes unlock various advantages, including free spins, deposit bonuses, and even no deposit bonuses.

What is a DAI Casino?

When we refer to a ‘DAI Casino’ we simply mean any online casino that accepts deposits, and/or withdrawals, in the DAI cryptocurrency. Most also accept a range of other popular cryptos and fiat currencies too.

About DAI

To comprehend how DAI works, you first must understand the concept of stablecoins. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency with a value pegged to a standard currency, such as United States Dollars (USD) or Euro.

However, one of the main differences between DAI and other stablecoins is its collateral. Instead of having cash reserves to preserve the coin’s value, DAI uses Ethereum margin trading to help keep its dollar peg. 

What’s great about DAI is that anyone can issue it by locking ETH, and generating DAI in the process. This helps avoid traditional purchase fees you’d pay by buying it through a centralized platform.

Are DAI Casinos Safe?

Cryptocurrencies, including DAI, are generally considered to be extremely safe and secure. However, as always, you should choose your casino carefully. It doesn’t matter how secure a blockchain and crypto is, if the casino is dodgy. Check out our reviews and do your research.

Games Available at DAI Casinos

At most DAI crypto casinos, you’ll find the same huge selection of games, from the top providers you know and love. These include everything from slots and live casino, to classic table games and brand-new game shows.

DAI Casino Slots

DAI casinos have a wide variety of slots, including innovative mechanics such as Megaways and even progressive jackpots. With the latter, you can often play to win huge prizes worth millions. So, whether you want old-school fruit machines, or the latest feature-packed releases, you’re good.

DAI Live Casino Games

If you’re looking for an immersive casino experience, try live casino games. The best part? You can use DAI to play! Live casino games allow players to chat with each other, making these games highly social. Additionally, you’ll find several VIP tables designed for high-rollers.

DAI Table Games

Table games are perfect for players who enjoy taking their time and playing at their own pace. The most popular crypto table games include poker, roulette, and blackjack, but you’ll also find baccarat and dice games too. 

DAI Live Game Shows

Want to feel like you’re a star? Then, you’ll love live game shows. These highly immersive games are based on real-life game shows loved by millions worldwide, such as Deal or No Deal. Some of the best live game shows are made by Pragmatic Play and Evolution.

Getting Started With DAI

Before you can play at a DAI casino, you’ll have to buy this cryptocurrency. You can acquire DAI by purchasing it at a centralized exchange, like Binance or Kraken, or by locking Ethereum, obtaining DAI in the process.

How to Deposit DAI at a Crypto Casino

Here’s how you can deposit DAI at a crypto casino:

  1. Head to your casino’s player profile and click “Deposit”.
  2. Select DAI and copy the casino’s wallet address.
  3. Go to your crypto wallet and click “Send”.
  4. Enter the casino’s wallet address and the deposit amount. Be sure to include the appropriate memo or tag, if required. 
  5. Confirm the transaction.

How to withdraw DAI

Withdrawing DAI is very simple. Check out our guide below:

  1. Head to your casino’s player profile and click “Withdrawal”.
  2. Select DAI and enter your wallet address and the withdrawal amount. Be sure to include the appropriate memo or tag, if applicable. 
  3. Confirm the withdrawal.

DAI transactions are normally completed within a few minutes, but because they use the Ethereum network, they can suffer from significant delays if there is congestion.

Does DAI have Withdrawal Fees?

Unfortunately, because DAI uses the Ethereum network, it can be subject to highly variable transaction fees (‘gas fees’). They will depend on the level of demand and congestion on the network. Check with the individual casino to see if they will charge, or cover some or all of the fees. 

Problems Using DAI? Check Out Our Solutions

In the unlikely event you run into any problems using DAI at a casino, check these tips:

  1. I can’t withdraw my winnings
    Have you met any minimum withdrawal thresholds?

    If you used a bonus, did you meet all the conditions, like wagering requirements?

    Have you completed any account verification steps required by the casino?
  2. I can’t deposit DAI
    Have you checked that the casino actually supports DAI?
  3. I entered the wrong DAI address
    Unfortunately, because crypto transactions are irreversible, you can’t recall or edit them once they’ve been initiated. This is why it is absolutely critical to use the correct wallet addresses. Always copy and paste, and still double-check, before confirming.
  4. I entered the wrong DAI amount
    Again, because crypto transactions are irreversible, you can’t recall or amend them. If you deposit less than you intended, you can just make another transfer to top it up.
  5. My deposit/withdrawal isn’t showing on my account
    Most DAI transactions are pretty fast, but they are reliant on the Ethereum network, which can get very congested and suffer significant delays.

    Sometimes, you may need to refresh your wallet, or sign out and back into your account before funds show.

    You can also check to see if the funds have actually left your exchange or casino account. If it’s been a while and they are still there, it’s possible they are being delayed for security checks. Contact customer service to find out more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using DAI

Using stablecoins like DAI at a crypto casino has several advantages. However, it also has a few drawbacks players should be aware of. Learn everything with the table below:DAI versus other Cryptocurrencies.

DAI versus other Cryptocurrencies

Although DAI may not be anywhere near as widely used as stablecoins like Tether (USDT) and USDC, it does have a major advantage. That is, DAI is truly decentralized, allowing for a far greater level of privacy. But, it also has a big potential flaw, in that, unlike USDT and USDC, its peg to the US dollar is maintained algorithmically – something many don’t trust after the Terra/LUNA disaster.








Transaction FeesVariableLowVariableLowVery LowVery LowVery Low
Fast Transactions
Various cryptocurrencies, represented by their symbols, falling onto a tray.

DAI versus Traditional Payment Methods

When it comes to cost, speed and privacy, cryptos like DAI are clearly superior to any traditional payment method, including cards, emoney services, and bank transfers. However, users should also be aware that, unlike traditional methods, if something goes wrong with a DAI transaction, there’s no bank or card issuer to refund you.






Bank Transfer
Transaction FeesVariableHighHighHighVariable
Fast TransactionsYes, for depositsYes, for deposits


As far as stablecoins go, DAI makes a decent choice. Of course, its main drawback is still that it relies on the Ethereum blockchain, which can get very congested and result in high transaction costs. Also, it’s not as widely accepted as alternatives like USDC and USDT. But, for players who value true decentralization and privacy, it is a solid choice.